Real estate growth. Minus the friction.

No matter where you are in your property development lifecycle, we’ll be your strategic partners. We not only will help with tailor-made solutions but also execute them.

who we are
We empower entrepreneurs to build thriving communities by focusing on what really matters to them. Through a collaboration approach, we develop unique solutions to broaden their addressable market and help them fulfil their long-term goals.
Catapult your growth.

For every project, our services are threefold to help you scale up faster.


Make smarter decisions.

We are rooted to the ground and keep our eyes and ears, close to the voice of customers. Our solutions are designed by keeping the customer's unstated needs and feedback in focus.
  • New project launches & go-to-market strategy.
  • On-ground management & execution.
  • Product design, curation and underwriting.
  • Process improvement.
  • End-to-end sales, marketing & CRM services.
Development Management

Power up your sales.

We curate solutions with the dual objective of ensuring project profitability and enhanced sales velocity.
  • Project design and development management.
  • Widening the target audience & enhancing the total addressable market.
  • Revamping existing projects.
  • Review product design to enhance appeal & sales.
  • Taking over an ongoing project.
  • Cost & revenue management.
  • Construction and project management.
Strategic Relationship Management

Ensure long-term returns.

We proactively navigate through your strategic goals to ensure sustainable growth and longevity in returns.
  • Curate & manage distinct products.
  • Create a service envelope to ensure world-class product delivery and sustenance.
  • Robust review based on key metrics.
  • Provide end-to-end solutions to all key stakeholders i.e. developers/promoters, customers/investors and service providers.
  • Deploy a team of experts who run day-to-day operations and execute plans.
Why work with Rightstone?

If you're having second thoughts about us, then this is for you.

Problem Solving


We isolate problem statements, evaluate various options and provide solutions that are suitable, practical and actionable.

Novel Solutions


We innovate through ideation, provide alternate offerings which result in widening the target addressable market and reach.

Expertise for every Domain


Our core team comes with a significant amount of experience and domain knowledge. Hence, we are held in good stead to provide the right kind of solutions.

Our track record
100+ years of combined industry experience.
Managed diverse portfolios and created unique go-to market strategies.
Expertise in cost & revenue management.
Managed complex sales processes and assets valued at ~₹25,000 cr.
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